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You’re exhausted and worn down by the end of the day. There’s no time or energy left to do what you want.

You had great intentions and good plans when you woke up in the morning and then LIFE happened.  Just like it did yesterday.

There is work that seems to pile up and if you’re being honest, feels less than inspiring most days, kids need to be fed and to top it all off those social obligations you said yes to because you just couldn’t find the willpower to say no. Who needs more guilt, am I right??

All these things happen during the day and it takes priority over your sanity. And this happens Every. Single. Day.

You’re going to wake up one morning, look into the mirror, and realize with a sinking feeling that the past decade has been about everyone but yourself.

Your dreams?





They each died a lonely death years ago. Maybe you don’t even remember them anymore…

Can you live with that?

Maybe somewhere in one of the many alternate universes, there is a different you that made a different choice.  You made yourself a priority and it paid off with powerful accomplishments, meaningful work, increased energy, vitality, good health, and soul inspiring adventures – you even have the Facebook profile to prove it.

Or maybe not.

Maybe you opted to stay safe – safe in your reasons, justifications, excuses for not taking chances to live your dreams, invest in yourself and be the best version of you that is possible. Because maybe you think it is too late for you.

In which case, I’m not talking to you.

I’m talking to the other you. The younger version of you that was going to shine her magical gifts and abilities in the world as she changed it.

That girl will never let her dreams die. She doesn’t know the meaning of quit and she knows she owes that to herself. She knows that NOBODY is going to live her dream for her. Now she’s just waiting for you to get out of the way so she can be the superhero.

The time to make this choice to stand up and put yourself and your dreams on the big screen of life and START LIVING IT is now.

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Why? Because it’s time to show you how you can make yourself a priority without sacrificing everyone else’s needs.

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And bring that spunky alternate universe version of you too.

You both need to hear this.

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